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Writer's Block: Categorically speaking ...

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 07:58 pm
music: Cat Power

If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?


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Mar. 15th, 2010 | 07:52 pm
mood: O.K.
music: Animal Collective - Brothersport

Alice in wonderland <3
I know there are a lot of mixed reactions to it, but i loved it. I think i would have preferred to see the young alice to begin.  But, No other complaints.
Of to watch pandorum now.

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Writer's Block: Out of fashion

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 07:46 pm

If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Checkered shirts.  Unless your a lumberjack, then i'm completely for it.

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Feb. 2nd, 2010 | 05:10 pm

Bit of Bon iver :D
mmm, i don't know what to say, it's still really cold
oh & i got an iPhone, woo.

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Jan. 11th, 2010 | 03:05 pm
mood: dorky
music: mstrkrft

The rain has demolished most of the snow/ice. Hurrah.  Although, it's still cold & i'm working at 06.30 am.
Im currently wearing gloves and a hat, in the house.  It's so cold.
On an up note, found the 3d glasses i got when i saw avatar, SWEET.  Such an awesome movie, although, did anyone else wonder how they had sex, or was that just me?
Going to watch 30 days of night tonight, finally! :)

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Writer's Block: Menu fixe fix

Jan. 11th, 2010 | 03:00 pm

If you could choose only two foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? How soon would you grow tired of them?

I could eat chicken chow mein and smokey bacon flavoured crisps for the rest of my life & never, EVER get tired. nom

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Writer's Block: Thumbs down!

Jan. 10th, 2010 | 03:59 pm

What are your least favorite book and movie genres? Are you willing to make exceptions? Do you ever feel left out of social events/discussions owing to atypical taste in movies/books?

I'm not keen on anime, in book form or movie form.

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Jan. 10th, 2010 | 03:56 pm
mood: calmcalm
music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I love Karen O, she is amahzing in Yeah Yeah Yeahs, really obsessively listening to her music at the minute.

Went to see daybreakers last night, i must say i quite enjoyed it.  Had such an urge to watch 30 days of night now, i know this isn't anything to do with it whatsoever, but it's in the whole vampire genre, not that "i sparkle in the sun" shit. 

Proper stereotypical bloody thirsty, violent mother fucking vampires.

Currently starting to re read "a million little pieces by James Frey, he is such an awesome writer, i could only aspire to be as great as him, the whole oprah thing is bullshit, who the fuck cares if he lied about it being based on his personal experience, it's well wrote & still does help people through their bad times.

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Jan. 5th, 2010 | 08:58 pm

P.S. I LOVE CAT POWER, she is awesome.

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Jan. 5th, 2010 | 08:58 pm

Giving Metallica another go, not bad so far.  If any ukuleles are played, that's a defo thumbs up from me, but, it's highly doubtful at this stage of master of puppets, although, I'm still hopeful, *crosses fingers.

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